Emanuela is one of the four Psychodynamic Psychotherapists in Calgary. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a form of depth psychology, the primary focus of which is to reveal the unconscious content of a client’s psyche in an effort to alleviate psychic tension. In this way, it is similar to psychoanalysis. It also relies on the interpersonal relationship between client and therapist more than other forms of depth psychology. Emanuela has a Master degree in Analytical Psychotherapy (Jungian Psychotherapy) and over eight years of experience. Jungian Therapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy in which the psychotherapists and client work together to increase the patient’s consciousness in order to move toward psychological balance and wholeness, and to bring relief and meaning to psychological suffering.


The process can treat a broad range of emotional disorders, and it can also assist anyone who wishes to pursue psychological growth. The aim of Jungian Therapy is a realignment of conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality with an ensuing creation of new values and purpose.

I have expertise in helping individuals with;

  • Child / Adult Trauma

  • Recovery from Sexual Abuse

  • Chemical Dependencies

  • Eating Disorders

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

Life Transitions :

  • Healing from Separation /Divorce/Death/Dying, and Grieving

  • Psychological changes of Menopause/Andropause

  • Overcoming a Sense of Meaninglessness with Life

  • Adjustment to retirement